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Chosen Becky gets emotional over teenage pregnancy

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Many young women, even celebrities, have had to endure the pressure and public stigma that comes with teenage motherhood.

For teenage mums, societal odds paint a negative picture of what will be, but with hard work and determination these mothers have the possibility to unveil a beautiful portrait of what can be — the star of a meaningful life lived with purpose and passion.

One such success story is that of singer Rebecca Kukkiriza, popularly known as Chosen Becky.  Fresh from a musical tour in London, Chosen Becky had an interview on TV on Friday, where she got emotional.

She detailed to show host Faridah Nakazibwe how she became pregnant at 16, while still in high school and thought her world had caved in. “I got pregnant as a teenager and my father sent me away from home. My mother handled the pain by spending five days in church. It was a hard time for the whole family because they had hopes that I would be a lawyer,” Chosen Becky said.

Although she has shared relative success in the music industry, improving the livelihood of her peasant parents in the process, she revealed that the scars still remain.  “Whenever I recall my mother vending smoked cassava by the roadside to fend for me and my pregnancy, I break down,” Chosen Becky said, fighting tears.

She has since moved on and has a second child with her manager, cum fiancé, Dikteta Amir.

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