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Chameleone roasted over Godfather tag

by Editorial Team
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Well, forget the ‘legend’ conversation for a moment, singer Jose Chameleone sparked a new debate after sharing a photo online hanging out with his on and off friend, Bebe Cool. However, the caption did not leave the online community happy as it would have if he had not captioned the photo or typed something else altogether.
“The God Fathers of the Creative Industry are Alive and Kicking. This was not started today, Long time ago with so many sacrifices and built a remarkable milestone that has paved way for many talented youths beyond borders. We shall continue to serve with our utmost loyalty,” he captioned.
In the opinion of the online community, the real Godfathers are the likes of Elly Wamala, Paul Kafeero, Jimmy Katumba and their contemporaries, not a Mayanja or Ssali.
Gabriel Buule: “The moment I saw Godfathers” I remembered that Elly Wamala recorded Nabutono, Amasagazi created Awululu… Then we got the Balijiddes, Basudde (Yolimaani) then Kasozi, Kafeero.. Ssebata.. straight to Ssematimba’s Dungeon studio and noise descending from Kenya.”
Simon Wavamuno: “Being a Godfather comes with self-respect and dignity. You have been stars in this industry for your generation, but not Godfathers of the industry. Godfathers of the industry are Moses Matovu, Philly Lutaaya, Tonny Ssenkebejje, Elly Wamala Jimmy Katumba …etc.”
Late last month, reggae star, Madoxx Sematimba said Chamrleone is not a legend, but a veteran artiste, particularly because he helped give other artistes a chance.
It should be noted it was the second time he said the same about the Wale wale singer. In 2019, he said Chameleone was not a legend and calling him one was the equivalent of misusing the word.
This comes days after the Leone Island boss received a Range Rover from Michael Nuwagira, alias Toyota. Going down on his knees while receiving it divided the public. He made it a point to let the pubic know he is team yellow and the bromance with Bebe Cool was to drive the point home.

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