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Chameleone is a veteran artiste, not a legend – Madoxx insists

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Reggae star Madoxx Sematimba has scoffed at the artistes that have formed a group calling themselves superstars – the Uganda Music Superstars Association, to promote their interests outside the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). 
According to him, nobody is supposed to bestow the title of ‘superstar’ upon themselves if they are indeed a superstar.  
“This thing of superstar and legend is given by people, not yourself. What you do is what earns you the title. In the army, you get up the ranks because of your contribution to the service or unit, here, to the industry or fraternity,” he explained. 
About Chameleone’s status as a legend, he said, first of all he does not call him one because it is people that give the title. He also noted that it brought him problems after his last concert when reporters asked him about it and he said, ‘No!’
“Chameleone is my good friend and I respect him. I put him among the veterans that have helped put other artistes that were unable to help themselves. I cannot say he is a legend, but a veteran artiste.” 
This was after his performance at the UG Connect Concert in Naguru over the weekend. 
In 2019, Madoxx sparked a huge conversation after he said Chameleone is not a legend and the word was being misused. The Wale wale singer’s fans furiously attacked him, accusing him of pride and disrespect while Chamleone avoided the issues every time it was thrown at him.

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