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Chameleone continues bromance with Bebe Cool

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Last year during campaigns for the general elections, Bebe Cool and Chameleone exchanged daggers. Bebe said neither Chameleone nor Bobi Wine would have a political office in 2021 and if Bobi won, he would leave Uganda. Well, Chameleone replied during a media interview that they were not mates because when he was singing Katupakase, he was singing Kus Kus, when was singing Basiima Ogenze he was singing Ani yani?
However, the last few days, he has made it look like they live in the same house now. On Tuesday, September 28, 2021 he shared a photo of him, with Bebe Cool, his wife Zuena and their son Alpha posing in front of his gift – Range Rover Autobiography 2020 when he visited them. He captioned it: “We come along way… Big up big Bro @BebeCoolUG. I remember the Mawingo Nga we are in the corridor. Mama @zuenakirema5 Pilau clear nyoo. One Love.
This comes just days after he said he is not going to force friendship with Bobi Wine. He said the singer-cum-politician did not visit him in hospital last month or even send a text message yet Bebe Cool hears it is his birthday and shows up with a cake.
On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, he tweeted a photo of them together saying they are the Godfathers of Uganda’s creative industry, much to the disappointment of critics.

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