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Chameleone concert stage: The theories and trolls

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Hours to Jose Chameleone’s much anticipated Gwanga Mujje concert, a heavy downpour in the city climaxed with photos circulating on social media of a stage that had stood tall, humbly lying on the ground, as if prostrating to thank the rain. Shida za dunia had struck! Then the trolls activated over drive mode. The first theory was that the last over a decade, every single time Chameleone had a concert, it rained, a sign of blessing. The theory is now down on the floor.

A crowd gathers around a pensive Chameleone after the stage collapsed. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

The first troll was singer Gravity Omutujju who was the headline act’s good friend for a while was among the first to show glee for what had just happened. On Facebook, he posted: “KATONDA BWATYO BWASASULA. Mukama Akola.”

Why did he post that? Well, he accused the singer of refusing to give him a drop, calling out his fans to attend his 2022 concert. He also returned the favour when Chameleone asked him for a drop via a WhatsApp voice note, and added that chamleone needed to push had or else not even half the crowd that attended Spice Diana’s Regular would show up.

Comedian Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi had a theory though. On Twitter, he explained it as a technical aspect of stage construction that many misunderstood.

The collapsed stage at Lugogo Cricket Oval. File Photo

“The stage hasn’t fallen, it’s an adjustable stage. The roof was lowered so that equipment couldn’t get wet. @FenonRecords has a lot of experience to know what to do. We are going to party tonight … not even this rain will stop us.

Some had theories that were practical jokes about the boda boda man he caned on the streets for allegedly scratching his Range Rover. “Boda chaps right now: okay let chameleon beat the rain too.”

@SuunaKing_James tweeted: “When Chameleon named his concern ggwangamujje the rain took it personal.”

The collapsed stage at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Media personality Prim Asiimwe tweeted that the stage was not the most necessary thing: “Btw Chameleon doesn’t even need a stage!!! He can just stand in the grass and sing or on those bu steps in the Cricket Oval and we shall have. FUN. Mirikwesi doesn’t even need a mic btw.”

@starworldwonder tweeted: “I know chameleon walks with his cain, he would have removed it and beat that rain that broke his stage at Lugogo cricket oval.”

@KyarisiimaDiana: “Jose chameleon mazigga myerere I think gravity and boda guy is behind this I had mbu rain is a blessing is it true.”

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