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Chameleone and Bebe Cool are Godfathers – GNL

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By Ahmad Muto
According to rapper GNL, singers Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool are indeed Godfathers of Ugandan music as the former put it days ago. He explained that there are categories to the title and therefore they are being misunderstood; that they are not in the Godfather one category, but Godfather two because there are those that came before them that should be respected.
“Chameleone and Bebe Cool are in Godfather two. There is Godfather one, two and three. Now for me, I am Godfather three,” he said.
That said, he argued that Godfather one is where all the respect should be placed because they laid the foundation for Godfather two where among others he puts Afrigo Band.
“Godfather one is where we should put a lot of respect because at the end of the day. The foundation is the most important part when building a castle; like Eclas Kawalya, Elly Wamala. I am sure there were people before them like the Mukajanga who danced and entertained the Kings,” he said.
This comes after Chameleone shared a photo hanging out with Bebe Cool saying they are the “Godfathers of the Creative Industry” for their sacrifices paving the “way for many talented youths beyond borders.”
However, he was roasted online and told he is yet to reach the level of Philly Lutaaya, Tonny Ssenkebejje, Elly Wamala, Jimmy Katumba among others.
It should be noted that twice, reggae icon Madoxx Sematimba said Chameleone is not a legend but a veteran artiste.

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