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Canary Mugume gets emotional birthday surprise from wife, Sasha

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Media personality, Canary Mugume received some incredibly sweet messages from his wife who prepared a surprise birthday for him.

Canary’s wife Sasha Mugume and her close friends planned the surprise do at Casa De Roy Wine and Champagne bar located along Luthuli Avenue.

At around 7pm on Friday, Canary was walked into the venue by a pal who carefully held him and led him into a secluded corner.

With a white face mask covering his eyes, Canary perhaps did not know what or who to expect at the venue until his face was freed of the mask.

“SURPRISEEEE!!!” a bevy of the couple’s friends shouted before singing him a happy birthday song.  He turned  27

“What are you all doing here?” a surprised and teary-eyed Canary asked before instantly hugging the wife for what seemed like eternity.

The party proper took center stage.  As the loved up couple whiled the evening away, onlookers could not help but praise Sasha for having a tough skin.

Recently, Canary’s young marriage became a subject of discussion after he was revealed to be a popular fan of Moan Spaces.

A Moan Space is an audio-based chat room, often hosted on Twitter, in which members take turns sexually moaning as authentically as they possibly can. This is often done for the sake of competition, with awards being given out by moan room hosts.

Ladies challenge each other as they moan live on popular Twitter space for money; thousands tune into listen and pay the best moaner.

The trend caught on throughout 2021, although its exact origins are unknown.



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