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Bushingtone asked to stop spreading toxicity

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Music producer Bushingtone has been asked by consumers of local music to desist from incubating toxicity and trying to get the public to subscribe to his emotions.
This was after he reacted to rapper Gravity Omutujju trolling singer Jose Chameleone following the collapse of his stage at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, on Friday, February 10, hours to showtime. Via social media, he mobilized for boycott of Omutujju, the artiste and all his songs.
“I think the whole industry needs to rally fans to boycott gravity’s music, artistes should stop sharing stage with him, djs should stop playing his music. Let’s do all we can to show him what it means to be bad,” he put on social media.

He has been asked to heal and learn that people are entitled to their opinion like he is entitled to his. And that what he is mobilizing the public to do is he wrong way of going about it.

Jose Chameleone in a pensive mood during after his concert flopped over a collapsed stage. File Photo

@TSbR_Bass wrote: “Ssebo, do you feel that’s a solution? I feel sorry for this generation of ‘Musicians’ that glorify intrigue and ‘beer’ over ART. You’ve all plant these seeds, now you’re reaping what was sowed; bitterness. Music people, MUSIC unites.”

@dj_sharq: “Our industry is still bleeding we need to work towards healing, we need reconciliation, we need to unite, we need togetherness, but this is long way to come because we have attitude, self-entitlement, jealousy, greed and selfish motives. We need to fight this vice.”

Gravity’s woes with Chameleone became public after he claimed that Chameleone sent him a voice note asking for a drop rallying people to his Gwanga Mujje concert. He refused to do the drop claiming Chameleone did the same to him when he had a concert in 2022. He also insinuated that the concert was either not going to happen or was going to flop.
Moments after news started circulating on Friday afternoon that the concert stage had been destroyed by heavy downpour, he took to social media to troll that that is how God pays. He works: “Katonda Bwatyo Bwasasula. Mukama Akola.”

The last time one person rallied the public to boycott another, it was Frank Gashumba rallying for the boycott of media personality, Kasuku. He argued that the radio host once said the late singer Mowzey Radio’s skull would be broken because of arrogance. And that was what happened forcing him to succumb to his injuries after a bar brawl. 

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