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Bruno K’s baby mama apologizes over ‘one minute man’ dig at singer

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Bruno K’s estranged baby mama Vanessa Kirabo has issued a public apology to the singer, after she made some disparaging remarks about him on social media.

Following their recent fallout before the paternity of Bruno K’s 3-year old son Seth Kiggundu was solved, Vanessa described Bruno as a bore in the bedroom; one who only lasted 120 seconds in bed.

“I stay away from gossip as much as I can, but I feel it is important to address recent rumors that are hurting the people I love,” she said in an interview with an online blogger.

She reveals that in making the claims, she displayed a strong lapse in judgment.  “I regret the statement and my behavior.  I should have known better. I have let down many people including my mother and Bruno K. They should find space in their hearts to forgive me, ” she begged.

Bruno K has been accused of being weak between the sheets. File Photo

Three weeks ago, Vanessa took part in a Facebook live broadcast with social media blogger Mc Richie.

During the entire live session, Vanessa and Richie got into several topics, including her private affairs with Bruno K.

A few days later, the audio depicting Vanessa revealing how Bruno K wasn’t a man enough to satisfy her in bed among other intimate topics went viral

Vanessa’s decision to publicly shame her baby daddy didn’t settle well with her sympathizers among other people, who scolded her for being ill-mannered.

Additionally, she expressed her sincere apology to the baby daddy Bruno K, noting he should find a soft spot in his heart ad forgive her, citing they both know each other’s truth adding that she vows to be a better person going forward.

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