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Bruno K taunts Dorah in new song

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Bruno K this time chose to respond to the new episode of his unscripted baby mama drama series with a song. He sought help from lugaflow rapper, Gravity Omutujju who surprisingly sings his verses throughout the two minutes and 39 seconds of the song.

Titled ‘Nakulyako’ loosely translated ‘I once ate you’, a euphemism for sexual exploitation, the two artistes take turns to taunt Dorah in Luganda in the chorus telling her as much as she is going around showing off and abusing him, he once ate. Bruno peppers his verse telling the lady she is trolling him now but she once called him daddy and cried for him too.

Three hours after its premiere, the song had 2.5k views on Bruno K’s YouTube channel, trending at number 21 for music on YouTube.

Initially the artwork had a photo of Dorah, a Mukono businesswoman he was dating until it emerged last week that it crashed. Later they updated it by removing her photo after she threatened to sue but maintained its suggestive tone that she inspired the song – dollar bills being dispensed by an ATM, and multiple shavers. Note that she said she used to give the singer money weekly, bankrolled his music projects among other financial needs. And also claimed he has no relationship with shavers because he is as thick as a bushman.  

Gravity and Bruno K started teasing the song in earnest on Friday, September 22, 2023 when the latter’s name became a topic of discussion following revelations by Dorah. In a leaked voice note, she indicated that she was pregnant and the singer had become distant. Ontop of the voice note, she also shared intimate photos of them together as if to remove all doubts.

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