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Bruno K defends self in leaked audio

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By Ahmad Muto

On the ‘Trending in Uganda’ list on micro-blogging site, Twitter, is singer Bruno K who got on the wrong side of banter days ago, becoming the subject of the social media platform’s unceasing trolling. Known for banter, most times woven around football, relationships/women and much less around his craft; music, he was not very lucky with it this week.

This was after he tweeted about elders shaming themselves online, triggering some who replied that he has an abandoned son, suddenly amplifying engagement.

A leaked audio that has since gone viral has his baby mama, Vanessa and her mother on phone with Bruno K on the other side.

He is heard accusing Vanessa of taking things to the media. He asks the mother if he has never helped that it is being claimed. She responds that he has and even set up for her daughter (Vanessa) a business that later collapsed. She reminds the singer that the son is not any different from Briella.

Has he deactivated his Twitter account yet? A random check showed he has not as much as a section of social claims he has.

Media personalities and government officials, some that do not engage in non-policy related issues have picked interest. Duncan Abigaba of the Citizen Government Interaction Centre has particularly stated that he stands with the singer especially because according to him, men “are all candidates for baby mamas.”

He also tweeted: “In all this, I stand with comrade Bruno K. I have never seen so much violence meted out on a tweep. Guys, we must cut down on this cyber bullying. We are all human. We all err. As young people, we must learn to support each other not to bring one another down. Pole sana, Bro!”

Comedian Hannington Bugingo also became a thorn in media personality Faridah Nakazibwe’s flesh, and therefore by extension sucking in Bruno K. Nakazibwe is Briella’s (Bruno K’s daughter) foster mother. Colours at her school were the issue of contention. He attacked Bugingo accusing him of wanting children to stop learning about colours because some community chose them as their identity.

Then he chest thumped: “Atte I have made my submission nga sikubvumye (without insults). I hope you don’t reply with insults coz nze sizkiza (I don’t ceasefire) sir. Have a good day.”

Meanwhile, Bruno K is yet to put up a single tweet since his name dominated engagement on social media.

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