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Bruno K, Black Market battle heats up, singer lines up 10 lawyers

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Bruno K is in tears after the record label he is signed to, Black Market Records, reported his music video Nipe Love to YouTube that took it down in a flash. He worked on it with singer Nina Roz. According to the record label boss, Cedric Singleton, Bruno K has no right over the song because it belongs to the record label.
Bruno K argued that he first recorded the song with in 2018 with a one Ariella and then in 2019 with Nina Roz all before getting involved with BMR that he joined in 2020. He claimed he financed the song right from audio production to video without any kind of help from Singleton also adding that he is under no contractual obligation with Black Market Records. 
He has vowed to sue them and has witnesses in Nina Roz, singer Ava Peace who was once signed to the label among others who have since left. He has also lined-up over 10 lawyers to make sure Singleton pays for damages he has caused him by getting his YouTube monetised video pulled down causing him loses. Bruno K has branded Singleton a crook that failed to live up to his promises, only having received sh200,000 from him for his music, and done worse with Rabadaba and the Ugaboyz that he ruthlessly exploited. 
However, on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, Singleton released receipts of their interactions that pin Bruno K. According to their WhatsApp conversations and emails of their transactions, Bruno K contacted him when he was unable to clear his song bill of sh150,000 that Singleton did to get the song done. And Singleton also emphasised that BMR owns the Nipe Love song outright. Bruno K is under contractual obligation where he is also falling behind.

“Bruno K is lying. He is using the media to intimidate us. He is under contract to deliver 10 songs, but has only managed to deliver two. His contract is still on and what he is doing is digging a hole for himself,” he explains. 

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