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Actor Bruno Betty comes of age

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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

Any “best of …” list should come at the dawn of a career. So, when adverts of a Best of Bruno Betty show started doing the rounds, I was startled. Was a career that has just begun shutting down?

Bruno Sserunkuma has barely started on his career path. He, however, seems to be everywhere; acting with Bakayimbira Dramactors on stage and screen, an MC at social events and weddings, a comic dancer, director and scriptwriter. He is a typical jack of all trades.

Lately, he has made a mark as an MC of dance shows, especially of the Kinyanyanyanya variety.

Life has been harsh to him, from inception. The best thing that has thus far happened to him is being born.

Here is a guy whose mother dropped him at his grandmother’s home and took off. He was only three months old then.

When he had just got used to grandmum’s breast, his dad picked him and handed him to a stepmother he still regards as ruthless.

“I was mistreated throughout,” Bruno Betty reminisces.

Having overcome many more obstacles, Bruno Betty says it is time to tell his story.

The Best of Bruno Betty show is designed to tell that story. He is going to shade his sickness on the stage at Afronica 2 Club in Kasangati on Friday.

Understandably, the show will not sit well with some people, like his cruel stepmother.

“I have to speak out now. I hope to inspire others to overcome such troubles,” he says.

And he will not be telling this like a motivational speaker. He is going to dramatise it, with the help of Bakayimbira Dramactors.

It is also going to be told through song, as several musicians have also been lined up.

As an event MC, he has made friends with several big name artistes over the years.

“In the year I joined Bakayimbira Dramactors, we were about 300 entrants. I am the only surviving member from that group,” he says.

Bruno Betty was not always Betty. He got the moniker in 2020 when he played the character of Betyabira in a Bakayimbira drama.

During its run, his stage name was cut short to Beti. He acted quite well, which was the main audience attraction and thus the name stuck.

He has since grown with it, playing Ugly Betty in several skits and is comfortable with cross dressing.

With that, it is no surprise that he has since taken on the Shakespearean clown role, around which most of Charles Ssenkubuge’s writing revolves.

His being miniature in size and dark complexion mean that he has to rely on voice and a vulgarity in acting to make a point.

Bruno Betty chooses outrageous costumes, just to set himself apart from the pack.

“Whatever I do, I endeavor to leave an impression,” he explains what drives him.

The profile show will have various music interludes. That Bruno Betty is going to make fun of his saddening life is something to look forward to. For the actor, this is a moment of catharsis in the tragedy that his past life has been.

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