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UK-based Ugandan singer Brenjeezy gets out of the diaspora

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun reporter

The diaspora keeps giving back, and giving back. It has given us Philly Bongoley Lutaaya. It has given us Maddoxx Ssematimba. And we now something quite a crooner coming through the same channels. Her name is Brenjeezy, based in the UK, who has come of age to set up her first international tour that will kick off in Dubai.

She has only made it in three years, ever since stepping out with her first single, Ntayaye. It is a title that was perhaps prophetic. The immediate follow-ups, More Than Love and Make Me Wanna (on which she goes versatile with a rap), sounded more mature and typical of an artiste who was beyond experimenting.

Brenjeezy’s genre has been described as “soft music” and she is strong on melody. Apart from her voice, there is nothing soft about her music. She hits hard and makes impact on first listen.

Although her tour starts in May from Dubai, Breenjeezy is already making inroads as she prepares her audience. She is holding pre-tour performances to closed audience in the UK.

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