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‘Boda Boda… hurry up’ singer Maurice Kirya irked by bodaboda accidents

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Maurice Kirya is disturbed by the accidents caused by reckless bodaboda riders.

Having watched a video shared by the Uganda Police over the weekend, about how bodaboda riders had caused accidents along the road, the Boda Boda singer concluded that the riders needed proper training.

The singer expressed his disappointment in the riders on his social media handles.

“After watching that disturbing video released by Uganda Police showing bodaboda accidents, I believe it’s important that all bodaboda riders be medically examined and considered fit to ride, and they must pass traffic exams to earn the right to carry passengers, for everyone’s safety,” he wrote.

To many, Kirya’s Boda Boda song is one of his best despite being about 12 years old.

In the song, Kirya asks the boda rider to move faster because he wants to meet his lover.

“Boda boda, hurry up hurry up, I need my baby,” he sings.

Riders have complained that their clients pester them to move fast and afterwards, they are blamed for the accidents.

It seems Kirya may need to sing another song asking them to ride responsibly. 

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