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Bobi Wine’s daughter in Princess Moana themed birthday party

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By Kampala Sun writer

Growing up with celebrity parents definitely has perks that these pampered kids know all too well.

Their star-studded parents spend lots of money to see the see the “priceless” smiles dazzle across their children’s faces.

One such person benefitting from suck perks is Suubi Shine Nakaayi, Bobi and Barbie Kyagulanyi’s acting last born.  She turned six and her parents ensured a smile was etched on her face by throwing a Princess Moana themed birthday party.

Moana is a Disney princess in an animated movie called Moana which was released in 2016 and became very popular.

Her mother, Barbra Itungo posted pictures of the celebrations and the low key, albeit expensively furnished event where Suubi is dressed like the Disney princess Moana

In the pictures, she could be seen wearing a costume almost similar to that of Moana while holding a chicken and an oar.

The thrilled Barbie paid tribute and congratulated her daughter in a brief social media post.

“Happy 6th birthday Suubi. What a ray of sunshine you are. Our lives are much more fun with around and we thank the Almighty God for bringing you to us,” She wrote

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