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Bobi Wine, Chameleone, Bebe Cool, have expired-Bafana

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By Jeff Andrew Lule 

Local artists Ray G and Zziza Bafana have called on the legendary artists Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, and Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine to protect their legacy by acting responsibly as the discussion about the “big three” continues in the entertainment and public sphere.

Speaking on TV, Bafana noted that while all three were significant, deserving of respect, and left a lasting legacy, “as we mature we expire” as is the case in all other professions.

“We have been imitating many of their practices in music. However, as you age, you expire. When you grow, there is always the way you feel, you don’t want to rush around like previously, getting caught up in the confusion. In their years now, that is why you see Bobi Wine has joined politics to keep that honor because it has many wise people. All of them are visible, engaged in a variety of activities,” he said.

He added that it is acceptable and okay for them if they consider themselves to be the “big three”.

“But in our generation, like myself, I came alone but I have never been in through hands,” he noted.

Even at home, “your grandpa does not lead your father’s house”, according to Mbarara-based artist Ray G.

“When one matures, they step in another’s shoes. Yet if you hang on for a long time, you do not go out well. When you even attempt to challenge your own grandchildren, you turn into a bad person since you can’t do well with your own children because they aren’t doing what you are. It is always different,” he observed.

He emphasized that although children should respect their elders, they won’t be respected if they try to play in the sand with them.

“When the grandpa is playing with the children in the mud, they will even call him names and even abuse him. You must therefore be aware of your place since you are the large fish in the pond; stay put and permit the kids to play there,” he continued.

Ray G stressed the granddad does not need to remind the kids that “I am the big fish here”

Who is bigger?

When Ray G, was asked who is bigger among the three, he stated that just because he listens to Chameleon’s music more than the other two does not make him bigger than others in his eyes.

“They are a pack to me. Although I listen to Chameleon’s songs more, that doesn’t mean he is the biggest,” he added.

However, the “Katonda wa Ragga” singer, Bafana remarked that musically speaking, Chameleon is more skilled despite the fact that both of them are excellent musicians.

He mentioned songs like “Empeta” by Ragga Dee and Mad Tiger’s “Obulamu Bwensi” both of which Chameleon produced and sang the backing vocals for.

He went on to elaborate further that Bobi Wine is good at writing music with strong themes, while Bebe Cool is a fantastic reggae singer with a variety of voices that the other two artists can’t match.

He also stressed how talented Bebe Cool was as a dancehall performer and great entertainer.

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