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Black Market Records is genuine and straightforward – Katatumba stings Bruno K

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By Ahmad Muto
While appearing on Urban Television on Wednesday, October 13 singer Angella Katatumba defended the embattled record label Black Market Records that she is signed to, saying they are the most genuine and straightforward people she has ever worked with and is happy with them.
She argued that in every organisation there will be people that are not happy and those are the ones that only choose to focus on the negatives. She added that those artistes complaining about the label – Bruno K, Nina Roz, Jamie Culture – had their contracts shown and explained at a press conference illustrating the openness of the label.
Katatumba insisted though that those artistes did not understand the contracts they signed arguing that it is a business and the investor has to recoup his investment first from the audios, videos and promotion, but those artistes failed to understand, and instead of sitting down to negotiate, they took to social media to defame the label.
The last time Katatumba made a similar argument weeks ago while appearing on a local television station, Bruno K stormed the interview telling her stop speaking about his contract because she has no copy and was not a signatory. Over a week ago, Bruno K got served with a letter of intention to sue while appearing on the same show by the managers of the record label accusing him of defamation. He, however, outmanoeuvred them arguing that it is against the law to serve anybody on a weekend. He also warned Katatumba to stop discussing his contract.
Bruno K and Black Market Records started having issues in earnest two months ago. He accused them of getting his song, Nipe Love, removed from YouTube.

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