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Big Tril, Big Ben Sukuya stir battle of supremacy

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Rappers Big Tril and Byg Ben Sukuya have decided to perform the music ritual that is not only exclusive to other music genres, but rather more pronounced in hiphop – feud.

 On Friday, June 2, Sukuya who has a strong fanbase in Eastern Uganda, particularly in Mbale where he can potentially suck life out of any other rapper told Big Tril he can never beat him musically, ever!

“In a million worlds @bigtril you can never be better than me. Oba battle oba music Oba what, NEVER,” tweeted the rapper.

In no time, Big Tril responded, asking the public to pass the verdict. He asked: “Hey guys, with a gun to your head please name one Big Ben song”

Most of those that responded asked who Sukuya is. The Mukyelema rapper added that those asking him to record a diss track instead so BigTril can pick up from there should consider having it on TV. “This gotta be televised bro… am ready, he has conditions just like I expect him to.”

Recall a frustrated Sukuya, real name Ben Kuloba, clashed with Bruno K in January when he argued that regional artistes breaking through in central Uganda is quite a sport. He said non-Baganda artistes based in Kampala will never make it. “If you are a music artist in Kampala and you are not Muganda. You will never make it. Period, there I said it,” he tweeted in January. Ray G, he argued is the only regional artiste to ever breakthrough in Kampala.

However, Sukuya who raps in his native language, Lumasaaba and English is no average rapper in Kampala given he has collaborated with several Kampala based rappers and won awards.

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