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Big Eye pelted with bottles yet again

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By Alex Balimwikungu

When Big Eye (Ibrahim Mayanja) hit the stage crowd surged forward. He moved towards them at the edge of the stage to ‘feel the love’.  Instead he was met with plastic bottles and debris.

He halted his performance and pleaded with fans to stop embarrassing him. This incensed them more and more bottles flew his way.

“Please my friends, politics ended. Please stop (throwing bottles at me), we are here to have fun,” he pleaded.

Just like that his performance at Jahazi Pier where Galaxy FM held their maiden post-lockdown concert ended.   He wasn’t permitted to perform a second song.  Crest fallen, he slithered backstage and disappeared.

It isn’t the first time the singer is facing the wrath of fans since he rubbed his political affiliations in their faces.

Two years ago, he was pelted with bottles during fellow artiste Hadijah Namukwaya alias Spice Diana’s concert at Freedom City .

The singer who claims he developed high blood pressure was then  rushed to hospital.

More recently he cried out to the public to allow him work for his children following the bottle pelting incident at Uganda Museum. Big Eye had his performance cut short by the event security in order to restore calm among a section of revelers who had turned rowdy, throwing bottles in protest of his presence on the stage before he was whisked away.  The singer would later ask the public to allow him work for his children because he is, ‘A young man who still needs to work so hard.”

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