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Big Eye cowers from age question on birthday party

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By Peter Kanaakulya

Men who fear to reveal their age are a different kind of sissy. And if there is something that makes Big Eye small it is that. During his birthday celebrations recently held at the National Theatre, the singer made it clear that he would not reveal his age. His reason: “I fear I will be criticised by the public.”

At the do, he was showered with sanitiser and water by his colleagues who included Cindy, Willy Mukaabya, Phina Mugerwa, Chance Nalubega and Ronald Mayinja. Big Eye is the treasurer of the controversy prone Uganda Musicians Association. Perhaps that explains why the party was held at National Theatre, which houses the offices of the association. There would not be any other sensible reason why the management of the theatre would allow such a birthday party, complete with Uganda National Cultural Centre banners in the background, and stop recordings of online theatre shows at the premises.
When asked whether he was ready for the full reopening of the country come January 2022, he only said he was glad the lockdown was coming to an end since they (musicians) have spent close to two years without working. We can only wish him many more years, in which he will learn how to answer such questions.

Big Eye celebrates his birthday

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