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Big Brother Titans: Yemi scoffs at Khosi,sets ultimatum

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

South African housemate Khosi has continued to show that the biggest threat to her stay in the Big Brother House is fellow South African, Blue Aiva. The model gave her Nigerian love interest, Yemi, five hours to dump Blue Aiva. However, Yemi’s reaction was everything to say he has no plans of doing that. “That’s wickedness” was his reaction.

Khosi added that she wants them to just co-exist but not be close.

In the second week of the show, Khosi who is by far the most insecure housemate confronted Blue Aiva who was a new entrant over a budding relationship with Yemi. She told Blue Aiva that the confrontation was ‘woman to woman’ and if she didn’t heed, there would be a big problem in future.

Meanwhile, days ago Khosi kissed her other love interest, Miracle in the house infront of Yemi whose face showed mixed reactions.

Meanwhile, Yemi aside, Blue Aiva also likes Marvin and Blaqboi. She also said she does not run after men like Khosi, men run after her.

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