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Big Brother Titans: Who will go home?

by Editorial Team
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By Kalungi Kabuye

With only two weeks to go to the finale, the Big Brother Titans reality show has reached a critical point. It is now the end game, who will come out winning? 

There are 12 housemates left, but two of them (SA’s Ipeleng and Nigeria’s Ebubu) got a free pass to the finale. So the contest is really between the other 10.

QUEEN OF THE CASTLE: Ipeleng in the Head of House chair.

The biggest news out of the house this past week is how initially insecure Ipeleng came out of her shell, ruled the house like an emperor of yore, and is a serious contender for the $100,000 (about sh375m) winner’s prize. 

The sight of her during last Sunday’s Live Show, sitting comfortably and confidently in the Head of House, was a sight to see. Maybe the ugly duckling was a swan after all.

Ebubu got to the final courtesy of HoH Ipeleng, whose second secret envelope gave her the power to choose a Housemate who will accompany her to the finale. 

(L-R) Miracle OP, Khosi, and Ebubu.

There were all kinds of speculation as to who she would choose. Most had their money on her pair partner Blaqboi, or even the greasy Miracle OP, who tried very hard to develop a ‘ship’ with her. 

Tsatsii was also in Ipeleng’s ear all week, with advice on how to run the house. But Ipeleng surprised everyone with her choice, not least of all Ebubu, who spent the whole night still in shock. 

There will surely be evictions this Sunday, March 19 and probably more than one Housemate will head home. Nominations were held on Monday, March 20 and all the other housemates apart from Justin are up for eviction. 

Justin got zero nominations, goes to show the others do not see him as a threat at all.

Who will go home this time? Most of the ‘lively’ housemates have left, leaving a boring house with no drama whatsoever. Everyone is trying to be good to everyone else. Maybe Nana might have some drama in her, but she is too much of a wallflower, so no loss if she goes.

This is the chance for Africa to get rid of mealy-mouthed Miracle OP, and I really hope he goes packing. Kanaga Jr and Tsatsii seem to have the only real relationship in the house, but who even notices them? What kind of relationship is that without drama? In a Big Brother House? Buh! 

Blue Aiva played the boys, and that was something to watch. But she has now retreated into a now-you-see-them now-you-don’t ‘ship’ with Blaqboi. She seems to have reached her ‘sell-by-date, and might just go home. Which leaves Thabang, who seems to have retreated into a shell when Nellisa left; Yvonne who we hardly notice, anyway, and Khosi, who has surprised everybody by surviving up to this point. 

So, who will go home? My money is on Miracle OP and Yvonne. 

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