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Big Brother Titans: Tsatsii Head of House, Khosi disappointed

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Big Brother Titans housemate Khosi and luck at this point just don’t mix at all. She has been in low spirits from the moment Tsatsii won the Head of House challenge that comes with immunity from nomination for possible eviction. It should be noted that Khosi has been up for eviction nine times so far meaning she has not had a moment of rest in that house.

Perhaps what has informed her show character of hopping from one male housemate to another – drama to get her fans, and therefore votes to keep going.  And that has continued even with the eviction of Yemi and Miracle. She spends time with Thabang and Blaqboi.

“I have been so content with everything but this time I am feeling a certain kind of way. Last Sunday I felt it was going to be my last. I was ready to go. People have been voting for me and I think they are tired. This is about not winning head of house. I am going to leave without winning the head of house,” she told Thabang.

Meanwhile Tsatsii seem to have a good relationship with luck. It is her third time holding the title of Head of House that also guaranteed her a place in the finale. “I wanted this more than anything. Entering the show, I didn’t expect to get this far. Many times I was up for eviction, I was content even if I left. I am so grateful, I am nervous. This is bigger than my shoe size,” she told fellow finalist, Ipeleng.

There are only nine housemates left in the house now competing for the sh380 million grand prize – Blaqboi, Khosi, Ipeleng, Kanaga, Yvonne, Justin, Thabang, Ebubu and Tsatsii.

The winner will be crowned on Sunday, April 2, 2023 in South Africa.

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