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Big Brother Titans: Khosi asks Yemi for open relationship

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Biggie’s house normally gets a new vibe on Saturdays, first because of the night parties and secondly because after a few drinks, beans get spilled. The confidence those bottles give housemates can generate enough electricity to power the whole of Africa.
Yemi and Khosi like they have done a few times since the start of the show had a one on one about their messy relationship, and Khosi asked Yemi that if he wants an open relationship, he should be confident enough to ask for it. Yemi retorted, that if she wants out, she should go ahead and be bold enough to ask for it directly.

He accused her of trying to manipulate him to accept an open relationship because she also wants to be with fellow South African housemate, Thabang.
Khosi has lately spent a lot of time with Thabang, in what initially started as siblings enjoying each other’s company to making time for private conversations in isolated areas of the house. She even told him she is fast developing affection for him and losing it for Yemi.
Blue Aiva, meanwhile, who is Khosi’s biggest worry in the house has been learning to stay away from Yemi lately, and has claimed she does not want to be a part of their unpleasant history. 

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