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Big Brother Titans: Jenni O and Mmeli evicted

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By Ahmad Muto

The fourth week of Big Brother Titans that kicked off with anxiety following the nomination of all the top contenders climaxed with the exit of Jenni O and Mmeli.

The pairing that was done in the second week of the show for the rest of their stay in Biggie’s house has seen the housemates that came in as solos with the aim of winning the grand prize exiting in pairs.

Jenni O and Mmeli (Jenni Li) were nominated for possible eviction by Yemi and Nelisa (Yelisa), Khosi and Miracle (Khosicle) and Marvin and Naya (Maya) on Monday, February 6, 2023.

The most intriguing housemates, and possibly the top contenders for the finale received enough votes to keep them in the house. The nominations list looked like;

Yemi and Nelisa (Yelisa) Juicy Jay and Olivia (Juiovla), Khosi and Miracle (Khosicle) Blaqboi and Ipeleng (Blaqleng), Marvin and Naya (Maya), Thabang and Nana (Thabana), Justin and Yvonne (Juvone), Kanaga Jr and Blue Aiva (Kaniva), Ebubu and Tsatsii (Royals).

And the final list looked like: Yelisa, Thabana, Kaniva, Khosicle, Blaqleng and Jenne Li up for possible eviction. The heads of house using their veto power however, saved Blaqleng and replaced them with Juvone (Justin and Yvonne).

The house is now populated by 18 housemates, down from 24, and Biggie continues to cut down to the finalists. The pair Sandra and Theo Traw (Santheo) were evicted on Sunday, February 5. On social media, there appeared to be a group celebrating the exit of Jenni O but sad about that of Mmeli. That’s the beauty of pairing the housemates.

The 18 are battling for the grand prize of $100,000 (sh380m).

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