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Big Brother Titans: Ipeleng rejects Miracle

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Nigeria’s Miracle OP, who was shaking tables in Big Brother Titans house just weeks ago, might have just suffered his biggest heartbreak in the house.

The week had gone so well for him following hints he has been throwing and snares he has been laying for South Africa’s Ipeleng.

However, just when he thought his little passion project had matured, he approached Ipeleng with confidence to profess love. The disappointment saw his face change as if he just developed 12,000 wrinkles in a micro second.

Ipeleng told him she was not interested in a relationship with him. Why? She does not want to compromise her game.

But according to social media, it was a letter she found that Miracle wrote South Africa’s Khosi telling her they were going to meet after the show and make the world jealous with love that made her reject him.

Others have argued that it is because of her fling with South Africa’s Lukay who was evicted. The fling was consummated in the shower, some weeks back, going by what the camera showed Ipeleng dumping in the trash can after they both exited.

Miracle and Khosi meanwhile had gotten too comfortable. She got him and Nigeria’s Yemi loving her in shifts. Also, the epic smooch in front of Yemi that he licked his fingers afterwards might have had an impact on Ipeleng.

Remember Khosi is as protective of her territory as she is cunning. She got the bubbly Blue Aiva (South Africa) to chill Yemi after issuing threats. 

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