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Big Brother Titans: Ebuka’s wife reveals Yemi fans threatened her husband

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By Ahmad Muto

Nigerian Big Brother Titan host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has been put on the spot by housemate Yemi’s fans. This comes after he made some uncomfortable revelations to other housemates about the Nigerian housemates’ shenanigans on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

He particularly pinned Yemi by questioning him on why he sneaks out of South African housemate Khosi’s bed at 2:00am, to go join fellow South African Blue Aiva for a smooch and cuddling every night.

Cynthia Obi-Uchendu has now raised an alarm on social media claiming her husband Ebuka’s life is in danger. The fans have accused Ebuka of a plot to frustrate Yemi who is a contender for the top prize.

Cynthia wrote: “The audacity for you guys to constantly harass someone to do something, then when it’s done and the result doesn’t go the way you expect, you resort to sending death threats.”

She added: The ridiculousness of you to be so vile and toxic over a bloody entertainment show. Even the people who you think should have sense spend their whole day here tweeting vile things about human beings…”

Yemi has been causing tension between Khosi and Blue Aiva right from the second week when the latter joined the show as a new entrant. Khosi even threatened Blue to stay away from him or risk physical confrontation.

Yemi’s team has since put out a statement distancing themselves from the threats, saying they condemn it in the strongest terms. That they will not resort to threats and violence.

This is not the first time Ebuka is receiving threats as the host of the Big Brother.

In 2021 while speaking about his experience as the host of the show, he said he received many death threats, but what shocked him was an obituary that he saw claiming he died in a fire.

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