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Big Brother Titans: Blue Aiva brands Khosi a ‘pick me’

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Big Brother Titans housemate Blue Aiva has branded Khosi a ‘pick me.’ That is a slang for a woman who acts different from the rest to gain validation and attention, normally male.

She was in the company of Justin and Tsatsii discussing Khosi’s adventures with Yemi and Thabang. However, Blue Aiva has also been accused by fans of the show of being more similar to Khosi in character than different – one human in two different bodies.

According to Justin, he had a private conversation with Khosi who told him she likes Thabang, but liked Yemi more. Thabang is South African like her, while Yemi is Nigerian. Also, Justin said she spotted her with Thabang in the bathroom very close, suggesting they were up to something, perhaps making out.

Blue Aiva, meanwhile, said after the show, Khosi should not forget she also has plans of going after the same guys.

Remember Blue Aiva was cosying up with Yemi, Marvin and Blaqboi in the early stages of the show, while Khosi was with Yemi and Miracle, before she also logged in Thabang.

Notice the common denominator was Yemi, and yes, the two South African ladies nearly came to blows. Blue Aiva had to give up for some semblance of peace to reign in the house.

Meanwhile, Ipeleng opened up to Miracle about her choice of giving the golden ticket to the finals to Ebubu and not her former partner, Blaqboi. That she is worried she won’t have friends after the show. But Miracle left her with a question she failed to answer: If push came to shove, does she think Blaqboi would have considered saving her instead of the sh380m grand prize? We can only assume her answer.  

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