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Being a housewife is very uninspiring – Juliana

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By Ahmad Muto

Juliana is back! And this time not singing but hosting Q&A sessions on her YouTube channel. Having turned into a motivational speaker, she held her first session last week when she revealed that she has been with her mystery baby daddy for seven years.

Responding to a question from a fan during her second session on Monday, August 16, 2021, she noted that being a housewife is very uninspiring. She asked women to work hard for their own money even if the man is providing just to preserve their dignity and also advised women never to consider leaving a man who is handling the bills very well.

“Whatever you do in life, make sure that you work hard for your money. If you are lucky to have a man who provides everything, please do not run away. That is a blessing. But it is just a plus. It is important to have something of your own. It does a lot for your dignity. There is nothing uninspiring as a chick who sits homes waiting to be given everything,” she said.  

She argued that a woman who has something of her own has a backup in case ‘it ends in tears.’

“If you get a good man. Count that as a blessing, but continue to work for yourself because you do not know where things end up. If it ends, are you going to wait for another? Earning something gives you confidence and earns you respect. Men also get tired of taking care of us,” she added.

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