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Bebe Cool to start own awards

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Gagamel boss Moses Aaali also known as Bebe Cool is intending to turn his annual ‘Bebe Cool list’ into awards. The Gyenvudde singer opened up about his plans in an interview.
The singer said that he hopes to turn the list into awards and would pay the award winners because he thinks that this is the best way winners can gain. He also hopes that these will be the biggest in East Africa.
“It is only right this list becomes an award,” he said as he continued,” Do not be shocked if you see it becoming one of the biggest awards in East and Central African soon.”
The singer openly shunned all local awards saying that these were biased and misguided. He told all local organizers not to nominate him in any awards a few years ago.
In Uganda, most of the awards organized are criticized. The recently concluded Janzi awards have been booed by the Uganda music fraternity saying that they were rushed. Other awards receiving the same criticism are the Hipipo awards.

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