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Bebe Cool thrills as Catwalk Lounge officially opens

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

When you invite Arsenal die-hard Bebe Cool to perform for you, make sure it doesn’t coincide with his club’s fixture.   The Gagamel boss was the headline act as the upscale Cat Walk Lounge in Kololo opened its doors to eager revelers on Thursday night.

You guessed right.  He appeared after the game well past midnight. Thankfully, Arsenal had won the nail-biting game.  When he performed, Bebe Cool was full of verve and put up a vintage energetic performance.

Before him, DJ Bryan and veteran emcee, Rasta Rob did a commendable job rousing the crowd.   Like the name “Cat Walk” suggests, you could easily second guess the crowd.

Dj Bryan was not short of admirers during his set, He set the tone of the party (Photo: courtesy)

Pencil-thin models strutting like they had diamonds at the soles of their feet were aplenty. For company, they had a bevy of white men, mostly elderly.  Then there were those who went to Kwetega (if you get the drift)

Catwalk Lounge has a nice setting and generally a nice semi-outdoor ambiance to it. Noise levels were kept to limited decibels lest affluent members petition KCCA again.

Muchachos Uganda, the event amusements and concierge services did well on drafting the guest list. Patrons spent like they were revenging on the two-year lockdown.  It was a bottomless pockets competition of sorts.

It was a galore for pencil-thin models at the Catwalk Lounge opening (Photos: courtesy)

The owners know their crowds well.  The Catwalk Lounge has always had its roots in upscale Kololo.  It started as small bar called Snow in Kololo. One of the partners then left and started  Wink.  From Wink, they went to Fame Lounge.  From Fame Lounge they migrated to start Lit Lounge in Bukoto.  When the chance to operate in Kololo manifested again with the closure of Biryani House, they took it with both hands.

Revellers spent like they were revenging for the two years spent under lock down (photo: courtesy)

“Renovations were complete after the first lock-down,  but we were waiting for government’s directives on re-opening,” one of the directors revealed. This was before a sporadic volley of fireworks lit the sky to mark the opening.

Revellers partied well into the night but for me it was quite a sight, seeing security personnel (Police) struggle to engage with boda boda riders in  friendly rapport, something that was unimaginable in the past months during  “curfew” hours.    The riders rudely told them off and started singing songs praising President Museveni.  Night life is truly open!


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