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Bebe Cool releases annual list of 2022 best musicians

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

Every January 1, Bebe Cool releases a list of the best musicians of the previous year. He has done this consecutively for a couple of years.

Whereas some people come out to criticise it and cause debates and arguments, many people eagerly wait for the list to know who has been placed where and why, especially entertainment journalists.

On the afternoon of January 1, 2023, Bebe dropped his long list of musicians that have performed well in the industry with explanations against every name that appeared on the list.

According to him, the list is composed by him and his team of knowledgeable people about the music industry. He says every year, he changes the panel in order to prove the legitness of the list.

The people on last year’s list are the ones that worked extra hard and outshined the rest even after hard times that hit the industry due to COVID-19 and its restrictions.

The list was broadcast live on television from start to end and was hosted by media personalities Kaiyz and Douglas Lwanga.

“I believe I have the moral authority and power to rank the best musicians of the year because of my legacy and experience in the music game,” said Bebe Cool

The list featured a couple of musicians like Azawi, Grenade and Carol Nantongo. The highlight of the list, which shocked many people was King Saha. Many thought Bebe would never add him despite having a good musical year. King Saha released a song Zakayo, which many say is a direct attack on Bebe Cool.

Here is the full list

Jose Chameleone




Ykee Benda

Eddy Kenzo

John Blaq

Spice Diana

Carol Nantongo



Kataleya and Kandle

King Saha

Winnie Nwagi

David Lutalo

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