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Bebe Cool finally releases highly anticipated 2021 hit list

by Editorial Team
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By Ahumuza Muhumuza
Oversize ego Bebe Cool has earned his stripes on the music scene over the decades and feels he has the right to judge the yearly output of creative content in the country. Over the years, his list has irked artistes who have missed out or who have fallen lower on it than they feel they deserve to be. With his list becoming more highly anticipated each year, the only thing left is for Bebe Cool to officially turn the whole thing into an awards event, complete with a trophy and promises of clout and cash prizes.

Last year’s list was hotly contested, perhaps the reason why Bebe Cool decided to make his 2021 list more agreeable and ‘authentic’. As usual, his list comes with a full blown analysis that would provide a fitting study for any upcoming artiste or student of pop culture. Surprisingly, though, the usually braggadocious Bebe Cool did not blow his own trumpet with claims of being one of the biggest hitmakers of the year. Notably missing from the list, however, is Dre Cali (Ekifuba) and young breakout sensations Victor Ruz and An-Known.

Pallaso had a refreshed year in 2021

Pallaso tops this year’s list with two hits – Nalonda Namala and Mpa Love. According to Bebe Cool, this has been a good second consecutive year for Pallaso to appear on his list.

Pallaso bounced back with Nalonda Nemala as the major hit from him, but also followed it up with Mpa Love, as well as Ani oyo which were fairly good songs.

Eddy Kenzo
Bebe Cool says Eddy Kenzo flew high with Weekend and Sango on which he featured Martha Mukisa. Cool adds that despite his personal challenges, Kenzo maneuvered with Weekend which would have been his song of the year, if “two people had not released what they released this year.” By following up his first hit with Sango, Kenzo became the first artist to have two equally big songs in 2021, according to Bebe Cool.


Bebe Cool claims Swangz Avenue’s newest star Azawi is the only female singer to release an album in 2021 with two hit songs – My year and Slow Dancing.

Slow Dancing is her biggest hit song of the year while My year achieved moderate reception. Bebe Cool said all her songs seem to be good and require public attention.

“Azawi was clearly ahead of all other female artists because of her affiliation with a record label that pushed her music and brand,” he said.


Mudra bounces back on Bebe Cool list with two hit songs Onkosa and Gwe Amanyi.

Bebe Cool waxed lyrical about Mudra saying he would not organise a concert without having him perform because he “represents the new energy and vocabulary of the young generation”.

A collage of Sheebah, Lydia Jazminr, Zex Bilangilangi and Pia Pounds

Zex Bilangilangi
With the new breed of young talented dancehall stars such as Bilangilangi and Mudra at the top of their game, it is no wonder old heads like former dancehall king Rabadaba have failed to get back to the pinnacle.

Bilangilangi, who currently seems to be on a roll, bounced back on the Bebe Cool list with a bullet song Magazine. According to Bebe Cool, Magazine is extremely big and good and Bilangilangi is proving more likable. “My firebase criminal bounces back on the Bebe Cool list,” he wrote.

Liam Voice

Voice is 2021’s new breakthrough artiste with Omwoyo, Bus, Love Olinonya which are relatively good songs. His style of music, according to Bebe Cool, is not easy to market, unless an artist executes it perfectly well. This is because many Ugandans tend to prefer dancehall music, which explains the dominance of artistes such as Mudra and Bilangilangi on Bebe Cool’s list.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana
Bebe Cool’s lists usually include backhanded compliments that have rubbed artistes the wrong way in the past. This year’s list is no exception. Spice Diana barely made it to Cool’s list this year with what he referred to as an ‘average song’ – Body. Bebe Cool commends her effort and hard work, her ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artistes and to remain relevant on the showbiz scene. He says the discrepancy between Spice Diana and Azawi’s performance comes down to management, with the latter having a solid force investing in her brand.

Spice Diana made it to the list with Ready ft Fik Fameica and Body ft Nince Henry.

“She definitely has to thank God that she appeared on Bebe Cool’s list this year with THANK GOD, otherwise surely coming from the same record company with Azawi, the business favoured Azawi for this year,” Bebe Cool wrote.
The Kampala Sun recommends Bebe Cool get an editor to go through his list before he publishes it, as he often drifts off into unintelligible dribble. The sentence he writes next could do with a lot more clarity; “Sometimes it’s not an artist doing that they not doing good but remember that also record companies have disadvantages otherwise I’m sure she is bouncing next year with an album.” Hmmmmmmmm.

Sheebah Karungi

“More or less nothing surprising about Sheebah doing well and yes she did well with Boy fire ft Selector Jeff as a hit song and Yolo a half hit,” Bebe Cool wrote.

“It is good this year we have seen more women compete with Sheebah, unlike the previous years where she dominated, good job Queen Karma,” he concluded.

Bebe Cool says he usually does not include one hit wonders on his list, but that he decided to make an exception this year with the following songs.
1.Twende Tupaate – Pia Pounds
2.Onina – Baza Baza
3.Sente Nina – Kid Dee
4.Katonda yabadde Mwe Ensonga – Pastor Bugembe.
5.Oluvannyuma – Zulitums
6.Omwana Wabandi – Daddy Andre.
7.Akapeesa – Lady Jazmine
8.Mbimala – John Blaq
9.Mbeera – Levixone ft Grace Morgan.

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