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Bebe Cool backs Maurice Kirya for UMA presidency

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer 

After punching holes in the leadership credentials of singers King Saha and Cindy, Bebe Cool has today, April 9, chosen his candidate for the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

According to Bebe Cool, King Saha’s image is not befitting for a leader, while current UMA president Cindy’s character is wanting.

“I always mind several things when choosing a leader and a few of them my brother Maurice Kirya has for UMA president,” Bebe said.

He noted that Kirya is educated, disciplined, has good conduct, is experienced, approachable, open minded, welcoming, and listens.

Maurice Kirya

The Gyenvudde singer further said Kirya does not engage in fights, in addition to having the ability to unite both those who like and don’t like him.

“Dear brother, I, with due respect, request you to accept my proposal for you to be the new UMA president because I am sure so many artistes in Uganda will agree with me on this,” he said.

Many people, however, argued that Kirya is rarely in Uganda and thus would not be suitable for the presidency.

It is yet to be seen if he will heed to Bebe’s request.

Cindy’s tenure started in 2021 after Ykee Benda’s resignation.

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