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Beauty Queens are not given favours to excel -Former Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

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By Joan Murungi
THE former Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande graduated with a diploma in Journalism and Mass communication from UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass communication on Tuesday.
Speaking to the Kampala Sun, Nakakande revealed that she graduated last year but unfortunately, she was out of the country and therefore not able to attend the graduation ceremony. This time round, she felt like she should be around to celebrate the milestone

Former Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande during her graduation om Tuesday. Photo by Joan Murungi

” Finally I am getting my diploma after a long time of waiting. Some people don’t know that I studied at UMCAT some time back and I did graduate. This time round, this moment has found me in the country and decided to be part. That’s why I am here.”
“I passed my papers but when time for graduation reached, I wasn’t in the country. I missed. Nakakande revealed.

Former Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande shares a word with ICT and National Guidance Minister, Chris Baryomunsi. Photo by Joan Murungi

The former Miss Uganda of the year 2019 has also been studying a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Middlesex University, a business school in Dubai. She will be graduating in March next year.
To her, education is very important. The more you learn, the better you become. She does not only look at the course she has studied but instead looks at education as a whole. Many look up to her. She also says that people should not expect to see her working as a TV presenter because of the course she has course she has studied.
“When people know that I have studied, they are like why not me. They keep on pushing their dreams. Many attribute journalism and mass communication to media but for me, I look at it as communication. Do not expect to see me on TV as a presenter. I studied this course to improve my communication skills and become a better communicator. Nakakande said.

UMCAT graduands looking resplendent in their gowns during their graduation ceremony on Tuesday. Photo by Joan Murungi

Of late, people have a conception that beauty queens are given favors to excel in higher institutions of leaning. This comes after a one David Musiri challenged Quin Abenakyo’s degree in business computing and termed it fake.
David Musiri, a student of Makerere university came out and petitioned the Criminal investigations department (CID), the Academic registrar of Makerere University and the National council for higher education to investigate what he calls the complicity of the Vice chancellor in allegedly giving a female student academic favors for selfish reasons.
He said that the beauty queen did not complete all the legal requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in computer Science. He further alleged that Abenakyo’s name was not included in the graduation book of Makerere university and even her CGPA was not known.
“Why should the rest of us suffer to register normal progress yet beauty queens will eventually receive preferential treatment behind closed doors. Moreover, in the office of the vice chancellor. Isn’t this a classic case of marks for sex or sex for Marks?”. Musiri wondered.
However this saga ended, no one knows.

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