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BBNaija: Nini, Cross clash over bathroom

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By Ahmad Muto
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, day 53 of Big Brother Naija started with an early morning workout session by the housemates, with no sign that minutes later, there was going to be a rather explosive clash. Worth noting though, is that if there was ever a game such as quarrelling at the Olympics, Nini would have won Nigeria several gold medals. But let us focus. While she was busy cleaning the bathroom, Cross showed up, wrapped in a towel to take a bath. He was rather upset that Nini was cleaning before some housemates taking their bath. Her pleas that she would be done in minutes fell on deaf ears. He threw shade, calling Nini stupid among other derogatory words until she could not take it anymore.
She blew up and it escalated into a huge commotion that brought the whole house to a standstill. Determined, she lost fear for Cross’ huge biceps and abs, she wanted a physical fight but no, everybody was there to restrain her. She asked why Cross never confronted the other housemates who cleaned before others taking their shower, adding that he is all body with a small brain. Meanwhile, Cross who called her stupid withdrew and walked away. Pere followed and kept him away from considering anything he would regret.
Nini, fumed non-stop, running her mouth like a used diesel generator on its last drop of fuel for about half an hour, forcing Saga, who was supposed to ignore her until his next Diary Session to be rewarded 200 abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens to let go of the prank. He followed her around. Joined her in bed and moments later revealed to her that Biggie had asked him to ignore her as a prank.
Whitemoney, the Head of House, later got to reconcile the two, Cross apologised and the tension vanished.
It is important to note that Nini nominated Cross for possible eviction on Monday, September 13, 2021 after the Head of House game where she emerged second, with veto power to save one housemate and replace with another.

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