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BBNaija: Liquorose gets dinner with Emma, abeg naira and tokens for beating Biggie’s task

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By Ahmad Muto
Finally, Liquorose’s task of ignoring her love interest, Emmanuel came to an end on Thursday, September 16, 2021 after 48 hours. Truth is, it was intense, and emotionally draining for them and their fans online. It did not look hard at the start. As time progressed, it became clear why Saga opted out of pranking Nini after just a few hours.
Liquorose was initially promised 200 abeg naira and 100 BB tokens if she executed the prank successfully. However, Biggie, after summoning all the housemates to the Lounge and revealing the secret, he awarded Liquorose 250 abeg naira and 200 BB tokens. Emmanuel was also awarded equally as much for the emotional distress the prank caused him. Biggie also set up for them a date in the executive lounge for two hours with much more than they possibly could have bargained for; Angel and Cross had to be brought in towards the end to partake. While there, Liquorose explained to Emmanuel how it was not easy on her and apologised. Yes, she did.
Meanwhile, Biggie punished Saga in ways that now he has been baptised the most confused housemate ever. He received his second strike for whispering while they were gossiping about housemate Pere, in the dead of night. Whispering is against BBNaija house rules, meaning one more strike and he is disqualified. Not many housemates in the past seasons made it after the second strike, most recently Erica. Meanwhile, Nini got her first strike for the act. Saga and Nini were for the same reason made to sweep and clear the yard that was littered with tons of rubbish that Biggie might have brought in from Lagos or Abuja streets. It took them hours on Thursday morning to clear. Biggie was not done with Saga yet. He played the video of them gossiping about Pere in front of all the other housemates. It is believed that was punishment for revealing the prank secret to Nini after he failed to pull it off.

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