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BBNaija: Liquorose anxious about winning after Angel and Pere’s return

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
One of the top contenders for the ultimate Big Brother Naija prize N90m (over sh770m), Liquorose is no longer feeling the way she did immediately after the Sunday, September 26, 2021 evictions. The confidence has vanished.
She revealed during her diary session that the return of the pair narrowed her way to the top prize because competition just increased. She told Biggie that she neither expected Angel nor Pere to leave and suspected a twist when they were evicted.
With the initial top four – herself, Emmanuel, Whitemoney and Cross – she seemed to have had it figured out, but the return raised the stakes. Now as much as she wants to win, she cannot stop wondering about how she is going to do it.
Pere and Angel got subjected to fake eviction and taken to the white room to participate in a double jeopardy game – disassembling toy cars – with the winner returning to the house. However, Biggie decided to let both of them take part in the finale, forming the top six, breaking the tradition of top five.
Angel told Pere on Monday, just moments after their return, that Whitemoney was not happy to see them back because he was not as happy as the rest. But during his diary session, he said he was happy because the winner will still win and also, that the house had become too big and less fun for the four of them.

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