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BBNaija: #JusticeForPere trends as he bounces back with Angel

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Fans of Big Brother housemate Pere took to social media after the Sunday eviction show to protest. This is after it emerged that he did not have a tie in votes with Angel, but rather, was ahead by over 11%.
To them, subjecting him to the double jeopardy game of disassembling toy cars with the first to finish earning a ticket to the finale was torture because he had already rightfully earned his place in the top five.
On Monday evening, the bulb that was to turn on and signal the start of the exercise went on, they disassembled the parts. Angel got 46, that was more than expected while Pere got the exact number of parts; 44. Both told Biggie it was a hard task, Angel particularly noting it was the first time she had disassembled anything.
Biggie told them they both did well and therefore were both in the finale, not just one of them. No! Pere’s fans are still angry and have called out the organisers, threatening to stop watching the reality show.
They argued that the show was designed to favour Angel this season. That on Sunday, September 19, they only evicted two housemates; Yousef and Saskay because Angel was the third and on Sunday, September 26, the show introduced a twist just to keep her in the finale.
The excitement when they returned was akin to when Nini finally surfaced from the white room. However, Angel dragged Pere to the red room to tell him their colleagues were not happy, especially for her. She said they were faking it.

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