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BBNaija: Boma, Tega, Peace and Michael evicted

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

The much-anticipated King Size eviction came to pass. It was quadruple. Last week, Boma and Tega committed what has become a cardinal sin according to reality show, Big Brother Naija buffs – sex in Biggie’s house. It is worth noting that Tega is married and a mother. Her husband came out after she cheated to say he loves and will support her regardless, because he also cheated. 
After their late-night escapade on Monday, August 30, social media went into over drive with moral crusaders judging a married woman who made her status clear when she entered the house and ended up getting intimate with a random housemate she had only known for weeks. She never recovered from it. For Boma, he messed up twice last week and his exit was a given, at least going by what was happening online, outside the house. First, he was accused of being brazen for getting intimate with a married woman. Two, he clashed with Angel the same week. He told her BBNaija will be her biggest achievement to which she retorted, ‘I am 21, you are 35.” That was a fair shot. But what tilted the scales in Angel’s favour was Boma calling her out for having mental health issues. That ended Boma. Even his stories about planning to make a movie about mental health started to sound like insults in a foreign language. Their brief moment in the Executive Lounge on Saturday, September 4, 2021 almost led to another moment of passion. Biggie had to pick up his microphone and say, ‘Housemates, leave the Executive Lounge immediately.’ The question now is where Tega is going – her husband’s house or Boma’s?
On Sunday, August 8, four new housemates were introduced – JMK, Kayvee, Michael and Queen. They fit in well in a matter of days. However, Kayvee was the first to leave; not evicted. His exit was a result of mental health issues after just one week. JMK was evicted on Sunday, August 29, 2021. 
Michael got bundled with Tega and Boma and Peace. He had struck quite a chord with Jackie B. They had started discussing a possible relationship hours before he packed his bags. The announcement of his exit was met with a smile from Jackie. It sunk in later and she totally disappeared from Biggie’s camera as if she also left the house. Peace was Head of House, never really had a male bestie, but bonded with everyone. Nini and Maria were the two people she spent her time with because they hated the same housemate – Angel.

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