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Bankers enjoy day out with fitness drills and beer

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By Agnes Nantambi

Stake holders in the financial institutions converged at Hilltop Hotel in Naguru to exercise and reduce cholesterol in their bodies as they launched the Banking and financial services awareness month.

During the launch of the campaign, stakeholders headed by the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services, the Uganda Bankers Association, the Insurers sector, the Deposits Protection Fund and the Retirements Benefits Authority plus the business people saw people to taking part in the run which also signified the launch of the savings challenge.

Some of the sinners who were punished by kneeling down. They were serving their sentence. Photo: Agnes Nantambi

Although one would think of seeing money or cash being dished out and putting in the piggy bank as a sign of saving, this time round the stake holders took part in the fitness and wellness campaign to exercise their bodies to reduce on the amount of cholesterol in their bodies.

The event characterized by sharing bottles of beer and sodas, also saw a number of them getting punished for indecent behavior during the circular meeting as they were forced to kneel down before the people and tasked to take a specified amount of beer.

The drinking competition where the winner takes it all on the left is the president of the Uganda insitutute of Bankers and Financial services Gorreti Masadde pix by Agnes Nantambi

During the meeting officiated by the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services, Executive Director Goretti Masadde, the entrants into the sector were also tasked to explain why they were joining while those who left were tasked to explain why they existed without a clear explanation.

What interested most of the participants, was the Rotary president of Naguru who turned up to sell tickets for plastic breasts to save mothers suffering from the breast cancer.

Financial team players taking part in physicals as part of promoting the physical fitness and wellness: Photo: Agnes Nantambi

This interested many people prompting others to buy the tickets just because of the plastic breasts which they had never heard of.

Masadde in her submission, implored the stake holders to become ambassadors of saving through sensitizing the communities around them, to take part in saving for the environment which is immensely depleted.

On the left ,the rotary president of Naguru selling the tickets for the artificial breasts to support women suffering from breast cancer. Photo: Agnes Nantambi

She reminded the stake holders not to lag behind but always save as they encourage others to save more, especially those who were using more cars at home to reduce to one and also learn how to drink half beers from the many to increase the savings during the month.

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