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Band artistes need to dress the part, Bebe Cool advises

by Editorial Team
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By Jeff Andrew Lule

Bebe Cool has called on fellow artistes doing “band music” to up their game and tap into what he called the “up town” fan base.

In a recent TV interview, the musician said band artistes have all it takes to capture the “up town boys and girls” if they accept to adjust and be strategic.

The reggae dancehall singer cited artistes like Carol Natongo who, he said, is cross cutting to all audiences because of being aggressive.

“I have not met Carol Nantongo physically, but I know she did Leka Tukiggale with Eddy Yawe. I even took time off to listen to her Oliwa song and realised she was changing to the uptown audience. She has fans on the other side and up town,” he noted.

Fashion is key

Bebe Cool noted that fashion is one of the key things that band musicians need to put into consideration, being a showbiz business.

“Our brothers and sisters doing band music just need to adjust a little in fashion because the world continues to change. We can maintain our style of music, but our work is showbiz. Try to adjust to what people are seeing. Just embrace an element of showbiz like in the dress code while on stage, but not to come on stage like a person going to an office,” he explained.

Deserve to be among giants

He further noted that band artistes like Mesach Ssemakula, Ronald Mayinja and Geoffrey Lutaya  are very big names who also deserve to be among the music giants.

“These people deserve to be on our side. But it is the public and the media which puts us there. Secondly, their conduct also matters. I, Chameleone and Bobi Wine had challenges and our fights were open, which also helped us to sink into people’s minds. Our colleagues in band music also had challenges and used to deal with everything silently and that is their nature. But I really love and appreciate our colleagues in band music,” Bebe added. 

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