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Bad Black, Zari living miserable lives- Rita Kaggwa

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Blogger Rita Kaggwa has come out to claim that Zari and Bad Black are living miserable lives; all they do is gossip about her to stay relevant.

While appearing on TV yesterday. Ritah Kaggwa said she cannot be compared to cannot be compared to Zari and Bad Black as she ranks way higher than them.

The mother of four further stated that she is living in a very stable and happy marriage whereas Zari and Bad Black are often seen hopping from one man to another.

“They (Zari Hassan and Bad Black) should never be compared to me since I am superior to them. I have a good education, I am married, and have earned everything I have,” she scoffed.

From the time she landed into the country on Wednesday, socialites Bad Black and Zari Hassan had no kind words.  “How can you live in the UK for 20 years and still look like a zombie?” Bad Black posted.   She opened a can of worms.  

Soon, Zari was typing away. “When I said no hater can be doing better than you, I wasn’t far from the truth. Laba namamonde (see this sack of potatoes) Keyboards have given a lot of chance to  to this elephant. The photo speaks for itself, all answers are there. Praying for her soul to heal from bile,” Zari wrote.

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