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Bad Black cohabited with a Bwaise carpenter after Prison

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By Ahmad Multi

According to city socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa, alias Bad Black, life after prison was so hard that she considered cohabiting with a Bwaise-based carpenter to survive, until socialite Brian White showed up with bags of money and became her knight in shining armour.
“After I left prison, I was so broke that I did not even have money for yaka. The Mzungu (David Greenhalgh) had put me on a decker in some ‘chicken coop’ in Kansanga. He even bought me a car, but took it back after a while,” she said.
At this point, Bad Black moved to Entebbe where she spotted a guy on Facebook and they started chatting. It was not long before they met and the guy, who turned out to be a carpenter took her to share a bed sitter in Kyanja. 
“That was when I started cohabiting with some guy working in Bwaise, Kubiri. A carpenter selling chairs. He was called Abdu. Met him on Facebook when I was living in some hotel in Entebbe. He took me to a one bedroom house in Kyanja. He would leave me with sh50k every morning. Bought me perfumes. Media people do not know this. He fell in love and bought me DSTV and started watching soaps on Bukedde,” she explained. 
Then socialite Brian Kirumira, alias Brian White happened. He sent a guy called Eddie to look for her, and that was the key to how she turned her life around to this day while Brian White disappeared into obscurity. 
“One day, my friend Eddie showed up telling me there was a guy called Brian White looking for me. Convinced he was a rich man, I got a boda boda and went to The Wink Bar in Kololo. I asked him for $3,000 (sh11m). He gave me a Toyota Mark II and bought me my first iPhone. That was how I left Abdu,” she added. 
Black said this while appearing on media personality, Ibrahim Mukasa’s YouTube channel. 
Bad Black was convicted in 2012 of embezzling sh11b belonging to her then husband, Greenhalgh and spent four years in prison. She was released in 2016.

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