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Bad Black allegedly on the run after failing to pay sh2.5m

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By Paul Waiswa

Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is reportedly on the run, and hiding after failing to pay for a car she hired from a car dealer only identified as Robert.

Bad Black was allegedly given the car for only two weeks when it was in a good condition, but she instead used it for more than a month, returned it with a damaged windscreen, and dumped it in the parking slot. When the car owner realised the mechanical damage, he contacted her immediately. At that time, Bad Black admitted she would pay for both the damage and arrears. He claims Bad Black has since not shown interest in clearing the debt and cost of damage.

A close source says in July this year, the two reached an agreement, she promised to pay for the damage in two weeks, but she has since been playing hide and seek. She went on to block his phone calls and could not be accessed through her social media platforms.

It is alleged that she vacated her Butabika residence in fear of being arrested.
According to Robert, he chose to bring the matter to the media as a way to reach out to Bad Black before he drags her to the courts of law.

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