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B2C, Juliana concert date clash sparks angry online debate

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Juliana Kanyomozi’s announcement of her concert date has raised dust on the internet following the plea from the all-boys group B2C.

They are all going to have their concerts held on August 19, despite having different price tags and venues. 

Debates online are ongoing and these have also attributed attention from different artists in the country. The latest to mingle in the debate is US-based artist Naira Ali who put up a post condemning bigger artists for overlooking the efforts of the up-and-coming artists.

“For someone to argue that ‘its okay to hold different concerts on the same date since audiences differ ‘ to me is not fair, especially in an ‘era hat sells perception rather than content’,” she wrote.

She added that she recalls her experience through the same and understands what the B2C are going through.

“My first show/unveil was staged on the same date as another bigger artist then, so I know the psychological  and physical drain you have to go through on top of double efforts and budgets since you’re both advertising, promoting, and creating momentum for the final day using the same Space and Medium,” she said.

She advises that such things should be avoided for the music industry to grow because at last, the ones that win are those with better advertising budgets and the big artists who have it.

Upon this other netizens have been red-eyed over so much thinking and “care”. Some have perceived this as healthy competition and others as a fight between the organizers of Juliana’s concert and the B2C management.

Winter Nations: “I think Ugandan artists betereze. You’ll never hear such drama in other countries especially when it’s a concert. Artists are supposed to support each other”

Martin Lugalama: ” I see no problem because the target market seems relatively different. JK doesn’t stage concerts always, so let her be,”

Peace Nakitto: “We love Juliana but we also love B2C and we have seen their efforts for the past years . Juliana has been out of sight so it’s not fair to fix herself on the same date of the boys who have been pushing.”

Neithan Hasheem Matovu: “But I think Swangz just have a silent fight against the B2C boys because it’s not the first time they do this to those boys. Whenever B2C boys put up a concert, Swangz comes up with a concert for bigger artists than them.”

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