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B2C deny stealing ‘Obulungi Bunuma’ song from upcoming artistes Beka & Roja

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The B2C, now Kampala Boys (Mr. Lee, Delivad Julio, and Bobby Lash), have clarified on the Obulungi Bunuma song, which they allegedly stole from a group of upcoming artistes.

In December 2022, the upcoming singers (Beka and Roja) alleged that their song Obwavu Bunnuma was ripped and labelled Obulungi Bunuma by the B2C boys.

Beka and Roja subsequently outed their version of their song, which they claimed had been copied by the B2C boys.  The B2C boys turned a deaf ear to the accusations till January 15, 2023.

In an interview, the Gutujja hitmakers stated that the song is originally theirs and urged the upcoming artistes to stop yapping over it.

“I wouldn’t want to talk about those things because they are so minor. I even laugh when I hear them say the song is theirs. But to clear the air, the song is for B2C and there is no science there. Nessim (producer) shall tell you the truth,” Mr. Lee said.

“We have worked so hard to achieve what we have, so we are not on that level. If the song is theirs, why don’t they publish the one they made and we see it is as good as this one? I think they are just looking for publicity,” Delivad said.

It’s not the first time the B2C members have been accused of ripping songs. In 2019, they are said to have copied an old song by Harriet Sanyu and called it Tebigatika.

The trio came out and claimed it was just a cover of the song they did and that they were making efforts to reach out to Harriet Sanyu.

“We just made a cover of the song, we didn’t steal the song or remake it as so many people are saying, but right now, we are in talks with Harriet Sanyu even though she is currently not in the country, but we shall solve it soon,” Bobby Lash said.

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