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Aziz Azion throws birthday party for August babies

by Editorial Team
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By Andrew Kwagala

Singer Aziz Azion is 36 years. He celebrated his milestone age in style. Last week the singer was the recipient of a surprise birthday at Homex bar. It was thrown by close friends and fans.

On Saturday, Aziz Azion decided to pay back in the same currency. He threw a birthday party to his August Birthday fan babies.

 This party was organised at Attic lounge in Bunga and his fans turned up in a large number though they were mostly ladies who wanted to celebrate with him their birthdays. It started at 10pm with a buffet and drinks served for free. Then he cut the cake with the August babies and later performed his songs for them.  

Aziz Azion fans during the birthday bash he sponsored. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

 He said since he had earlier celebrated his birthday in the absence of his fans, he looked for a way of enjoying together with them hence coming up with this idea and on his birthday he composed a birthday song so he had also wanted to sing for and share with the fans his new project.

Aziz claimed that his party was meant to connect him directly to his fans and have a personal talk with them and share ideas so he will sit down with his management to decide whether they continue to celebrate with other fans who have birthdays in other months since he has a birthday song.  

Aziz Azion performs for his fans during the party. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

The Kampala Sun asked him why uganda has failed to get its music identity, He furious answered that he had come up with the “Bax Ragga” style as Uganda’s music identity and artists refused to follow the trend so they made it not to work because he couldn’t uplift the style alone and this meant that they were fighting “Bax Ragga” he added that since he introduced “Bax Ragga” other artists claimed that its them who introduced it so he had to put it on a pause but he his now in studio working on an album so anytime from now people should be able to enjoy as the enjoyed the songs which were earlier produced in the a “Bax Ragga” style. 

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