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Azawi recollects pressure of being thrust into limelight

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Priscilla Zawedde alias Azawi has revealed that her career success surprised her by coming really fast.

She said the pressure it came with saw her subconsciously struggle to adjust as nothing seemed to measure up to public expectations.

“This happened so fast. That was why I got the problems I did. It came with a lot of expectations from people and for me it created a lot of pressure.”

“There is the pressure that comes with the industry. I overthought everything. I became an overthinker. Even for things that sounded so good, I was like that didn’t sound perfect. So for me, I had to like cool down and do the things I used to do prior,” Azawi, who joined Swangz Avenue in 2019, said.

She made the statements while appearing on a local television station with media personality Calvin The Entertainer on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Azawi said her boss, Julius Kyazze of Swangz, Avenue had to encourage her to reset and go back to the times she was Priscilla Zawedde and not Azawi, and spend time in studio like she used to. She had even asked him to extend the unveiling of her new 14-track album, Sankofa.

“I am known for being a studio rat, but I stopped when I became Azawi. That was a bad thing. I tried to run away from it. I remember calling Julius and asking him to push the date for the album release and he said no, you just have to get out of that space and keep going. Keep doing the things you used to do before becoming Azawi. I did get out of that space and found myself inspired,” she added.   

This industry, Azawi also noted, can overwhelm. The industry had changed her to the point of fearing to show up in public because of opinions.

In November 2022, she was forced to fix her teeth. Prior, she had a dental formula that kept her away from smiling even when her career was going great.

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